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Wood Craft

The wooden sticks absorb the fragrance from the container and diffuses it into the air through evaporation. Therefore, the speed of evaporation can vary with the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and ventilation.  Since the wooden sticks can hold the fragrance, you can still enjoy the fragrance for sometime after the bottle becomes empty.

Wooden sticks are effective in fragrance diffusion by providing a greater evaporation surface than other diffusing materials like reed sticks.

Decorate your space with a variety of woodcraft shapes and messages and the fragrances specially created for the seasons or occasions.



STEP 1) Carefully remove the wooden sticks and safety cap from the box. Insert the wooden sticks into the safety cap.

STEP 2) Carefully open the rubber cap by gently twist and pulling it out.

STEP 3) Insert the safety cap into the mouth of the bottle. Please do not press the branches of the wooden stick as it can break. Shortly, wooden sticks will diffuse the fragrance into the air.