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About the brand


   Aronica is the brain child of Herb Family, a Korean company that has spent decades in the home fragrance industry. After a number of years contributing to the private labeling market with their best designs, Herb Family decided to create Aronica to deliver their best ideas directly to the consumer. Aronica’s greatest advantage is our CEO who comes with an unsurpassed knowledge of herbs and the scents they provide. She has made Aronica into a statement piece that every home would be proud to have. Aronica’s home fragrance style is rooted in the scents nature provides us and how to elevate them. Our products are cruelty-free and paraben-free. We create all the products you may need in home fragrance, including Diffusers, Perfume Sachets, Candles and Home Sprays. Our goal at Aronica is to create the scents your home needs, with what nature has given us.

Herb Family

     Herb Family’s talented team is composed of individuals with a passion for creativity and expertise in their part. Over the years they built up a reputation for leaving no stones unturned in terms of innovation. The team offers a new approach to the concept of well-being and aesthetics together in harmony. Herb Family’s signature flower diffusers and woodcraft diffusers make a perfect decorative accent for home. Unfading, saturating but not dripping sola flowers or carefully preserved fresh flowers pleasantly decorate the ambience with lovely floral fragrances. Uniquely designed woodcraft diffusers add seasonal excitement as well as transmit messages of bliss and gratitude. These unique products eloquently attest to our technology and knowhow accumulated over the years. The team’s obsessive attention to the details together with its deep-rooted knowledge of fragrance design creates an ideal fragrance and home décor object. Devoted to mindful living, Herb Family strives to embrace and promote immense respect for nature and the benefits of living in harmony with nature.

     Herb Family may sound new but ownership has 30 plus years of olfactory background.   Actually, Jae, one of the owners, was raised on a herb farm started by her parents which she inherited in 1997 together with her husband Lee. She naturally fell in love with the scents of various herbs, while learning the characteristics and practical benefits of each species. For her family, fragrance was not just something to smell but something to feel and eat as holistic medicine. With this in mind, she and her husband have been searching for the finest raw materials around the globe to bring Nature to everybody’s Home. She blends each ingredient and picks each package with utmost care and expertise to create the best home fragrance products. The fresh clean scents the way mother nature intended are preserved for your spiritual well-being.